Boomerang Mobile Shooter Detection System


  • Operates on moving vehicles up to 60 mph, all terrains and environments (open field/urban)
  • Detects shooter on first round fired under all environmental conditions (day/night/fog/rain/ snow/sandstorm)
  • User Outputs: Visual/Aural. Custom LED display of relative shooter azimuth, alphanumeric display, and integrated speaker
  • Military 10-digit grid coordinates displayed in standby mode
  • Simple Operation: On/Off switch, no calibration requirements
  • Built-in system diagnostics and Ethernet interface

Vehicle with Boomerang4Both trained snipers and enemy shooters in Iraq and Afghanistan threaten the safetyof our troops and the successful completion of their missions and are the second greatest cause of fatalities in combat. Troops in noisy military vehicles often don’t even know they are being shot at until something—or someone—nearby is hit. In response, Mil-Com offers the Boomerang Shooter Detection product line to give our troops the warning they need to get out of harm’s way and respond to these assaults.

The Boomerang system operates when the vehicle is stationary or moving, using a single mast-mounted, compact array of microphones. The system detects small arms fire traveling toward the vehicle for bullet trajectories passing within approximately thirty (30) meters of the mast and shooters firing at maximum effective weapons ranges. Incoming round detection is determined in under a second. Significant efforts have been implemented to prevent system false alarms caused by non-ballistic events such as road bumps, door slams, wind noise, tactical radio transmissions, and extraneous noise events (vehicle traffic, firecrackers, and urban activity). The system does not alert when shots are fired from the vehicle.

The Boomerang Shooter Detection System is easily integrated with other product options, such as the Situation Awareness System, as well as other third-party systems. Through its intuitive System Integration Kit and simple Ethernet interface, the system’s output can be used to slew camera devices, feed remote weapons station equipment, or report shooter position to an existing Tactical Operations Center. Whether stand alone or in combination with other systems, the Boomerang Shooter Detection System increases target detection and survivability.

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