Perseus Video Analytics for Fixed Platforms

Features / Benefits

  • “Visual” search, detection, and alerting on Objects of Interest within video (no metadata required)
  • Locates an Object of Interest within the video and plays from that location
  • Operates effectively across video for- mats (EO, IR)
  • Accurately performs on streaming or archived video and imagery
  • Multiple video feeds simultaneously supported
  • Immediate alerting based on user-selected Objects of Interest
  • Integrated time, sensor, and Geo- location search (KLV)
  • Enhanced image crop and search capability
  • User-selectable regions of interest
  • Intuitive interface to support immediate user deployment (install and run)
  • Commercial-based API supports simple integration with third-party systems

Perseus_clip01Perseus enables users to perform highly accurate, metadata free, “visual” search and monitoring commands to immediately alert when a pre-defined vehicle, person, or other such Object of Interest (OOI) appears in the camera’s field of view.

Instantaneous “search engine” style capabilities and indexing techniques over real-time video feeds or video archives (single to multiple camera feeds) to locate same or similar OOIs are also included to bridge real-time alerting and forensic analysis.

Perseus instantaneously detects, classifies, alerts and searches for objects and humans within images and full-motion video. Perseus filters, extracts, and manages real-time video data to enable users to immediately identify vital information and act on it. Similar to text input commonly used for web-type searches, Perseus offers a simple “crop and click” feature for images within video or residing in stored image files to enable object-specific search through streaming or archived video data.

Perseus is industry’s premier video analytics and alerting tool that is available for use right from your desktop or integrated with your current video exploitation system.

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