Warrior-XP Sniper Detection Solution


  • Hostile sniper localization in azi- muth, range, elevation and 10 digit grid coordinates
  • Simple operation and user interface
  • Visual display of sensors and shot detection locations
  • Lat/Lon or MGRS shooter locations
  • Audible and graphical shooter alerts within 1 second of sensor report
  • Intuitive graphical user interface for
    –System setup
    –System and sensor status
    –Shot detection and reporting
    –Dynamic load and display of map data
  • Multiple mapping tools for report generation, location identification, detection zones, exclusion zones, etc.
  • Timeline and shot event history at fingertips
  • 90+ days of history

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 8.30.37 PM

Boomerang Warrior-XP Sniper Detection Solution combines the bestperforming, most cost-effective low-profile perimeter shooter detection system available worldwide and the most accurate, intui­tive Situation Awareness Display System. At less than 20 ounces, the Warrior-XP solution automati­cally detects hostile small arms fire and accurately localizes the sniper(s) position, allowing for a rapid, informed, and coordinated response. The system operates effectively in all known environ­ments with no false alerts and when installed, combines the ability to quickly and reliably locate the enemy’s firing position with the intelligence necessary to minimize threats and avoid human casualties.

The Boomerang Situation Awareness System instantaneously displays sniper position(s) on a laptop over a digi­tized map. Sniper locations are stored and replayed upon demand for intelligence or after action reviews. Maps or overhead imagery may be pre-loaded or imported for specific formats. Alternatively, the Warrior-XP System can be configured for simple integration into third party applications by sending standard data messages, which provide the necessary information for mapping.

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